Thinking about buying a home in Alger Heights? You’ve come to the right place! Steve Volkers Group is your neighborhood expert in Alger Heights and we specialize in finding the perfect home for you!

After you sign a Buyer’s Agency form with us, we will begin talking about your future goals of home ownership. We’ll make sure that your short term goals can be reached, along with your long term goals. We’ll make sure the Alger Heights home will fit your needs thoroughly and ensure that the location you buy in will fit your needs now as well as in the future.

Some questions & answers that you may have about working with us as a Buyers Agent.

Q: When working with you, do I have to pay you to find my home?
A: No! Our paycheck comes form the seller of the property you decide to purchase.

Q: Do you work for the buyer when negotiating price?
A: No, no no… no. As soon as you sign the Buyer’s Agency and we start to work with you on buying a home, we only have YOUR interests at heart.

Q: Do I have to have a downpayment to buy a home?
A: This is actually a financing question. You will want to get in contact with a qualified lender before you start your home search. We work with the best in the area, so if you need names and numbers, we will be happy to connect you, but we also advise on finding the right lender that works well with you, so feel free to reach out too.

Q: Where is the best information to find out about neighborhoods when looking for my new home?
A: Honestly the best information will come from your buyer’s agent (us). We not only know the little tidbits about the neighborhoods, but we also know of homes that may be available before they even show up online. So contact us to find out the best and newest information!

Q: How do I even start looking? Seems kind of overwhelming.
A: Best and shortest answer, call us at 616.284.1528, or fill out our buyers form below so we can contact you. We look forward to helping you in all home buying ventures!

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